• Short: Emptiness (2020)

    A short, peer-reviewed text about emptiness, written for the Shadow Places Network. Link: Emptiness

  • Chapter: The Inhabited Sky (2020)

    Short, peer-reviewed text that examines the lifelong efforts of ufologist Trevor James Constable to document an ecology of ethereal beings that lived in the clouds, invisible to the naked eye. In Jørgensen & Jørgensen, 2020, Silver Linings: Clouds in Art and Science. Oslo: Museumsforlaget, 104-111pp. Link: “The Inhabited Sky”

  • Article: Requiem for a Junk-Bird (2019)

    Abstract. The article describes an experiment in captive-bred supplementation of a highly endangered wild bird species that took place in the Norwegian Arctic a few years ago. Following the fate of a single bird, over the course of two years, the argument lays out some of the powerful conceptual, political and affective stakes involved in …

  • Article: The Skulls and the Dancing Pig (2019)

    Abstract. In late 2017, protesting the ongoing forced slaughter of indigenous reindeer herds in Norway, a young Sámi artist traveled to Oslo to set up a “curtain” of some 400 reindeer skulls in front of the national parliament. The demonstration drew considerable attention, both nationally and internationally, and mobilized a complex range of historical resonances—from …