Chapter: On the Outside Looking In—Biodiversity and the Algebra of Life (2009)

“There is a sort of centrifugal force at work in biodiversity management discourse – a vector that seeks to take humans out of the equation and position them instead at the blackboard, chalk in hand, solving the same equation. This position of exteriority may be imperfectly realized, for a number of reasons—curtailed by the limitations of embodiment, the zone of ignorance—but in the near-constant pull of its attraction, biodiversity remains a modern, profoundly anthropocentric project.”


Bell, S and H Reinert. 2009. “On the Outside looking In – Biodiversity and the Algebra of Life”. In Bartulović, A, J Repič and K Altshul, eds. Mediterranean Ethnological Summer Symposium Vol 7 (327-342), Ljubljana: Institute for Multicultural Research. Pages 327-342