Journal Articles

Reinert   2020   “Emptiness”   Shadow Places Network 

Reinert   2019   “Requiem for a Junk-Bird”   Cultural Studies Review

Reinert   2019   “The Skulls and the Dancing Pig”   Terrain  

Reinert   2019   “The Midwife and the Poet”   Environmental Humanities

Reinert   2019   “The Haunting Cliffs”   Parallax

Reinert   2018   “Notes from a Projected Sacrifice Zone”  ACME: International Journal of Critical Geographies

Reinert   2016   “About a Stone”   Environmental Humanities

Reinert   2016   “On the Shore”   Society & Natural Resources

Reinert   2015   “Sacrifice”   Environmental Humanities

Benjaminsen et al   2015   “Misreading the Arctic Landscape”   Norwegian Journal of Geography

Reinert & Benjaminsen   2015   “Conceptualising Resilience in Norwegian Sami Reindeer Pastoralism”   Resilience

Reinert   2014   “Weight Density and Space in the Norwegian Reindeer Crisis”   Valuation Studies

Reinert   2014   “Entanglements”   Society & Animals

Reinert   2013   “The Care of Migrants”   Environmental Humanities

Reinert   2012   “The Disposable Surplus”   Laboratorium

Reinert   2012   “Knives for the Slaughter”   Acta Borealia

Reinert   2012   “Face of a Dead Bird”   Rhizomes

Bell et al   2011   “Volunteers on the Political Anvil”   Environment and Planning C

Bell et al   2008   “What Counts?”   Biodiversity and Conservation

Reinert   2007   “The Pertinence of Sacrifice” Borderlands

Book Chapters

Reinert   2020   “The Inhabited Sky”   

Reinert   2015   “The Landscape Concept as Rupture”

Reinert et al   2010   “Climate Change and Pastoral Flexibility”

Reinert et al   2009   “Adapting to Climate Change in Sami Reindeer Herding”

Bell & Reinert   2009   “On the Outside Looking In”

Reinert & Reinert   2009   “A Bibliography of JHG von Justi”

Reinert & Reinert   2006   “Creative Destruction in Economics”